eezers comes fully stocked, but some features stand out more than others. Here's a look at some of the core functionality offered in the #1 Online Gaming League Script.


Create Leagues and Season competitions ranging from 2-64 teams. Choose the Game, Format, Maximum Roster and even more settings to fully customize your League Competition experience.


Choose from 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 team bracket tournaments, with multiple settings and customization tools. Quickly generate bracket matchups to get a tournament up and running in a matter of minutes!


Create a week long Ladder event, or a competition that goes on for months. Set the points received for wins, losses, ties, and our ELO algorythym will calculate the ladder points awarded for each match.

Admin Panel

Control every aspect of your web site and competitions from our powerful backend Admin Panel.

Mini CMS

Control the base content of your site such as: News Posts, About Page and Competition Rules.

User Roles

Build a staff and assign 1 of 5 pre-defined Roles to your users to help with User, Team, Match, Credit and Site Management. Easily demote and promote users from the Admin Panel.

Automated Match Scheduling

With Leagues and Tournaments, week to week schedules and tournament brackets can be generated with a few clicks, and re-generated until you're satisfied with the schedule.

Match Details & Reporting

Team Admins communicate with each other to setup Match Times, and after completion, upload screenshots and Report Match Scores.

Downloads Manager

Easily create a Downloads Page and upload files to your site from the Admin Panel. Offer configuration files, software, or whatever else your community needs.

Multi-Game Support

ezLeague Pro was designed for any game on any platform. Gear your site towards 1 game or 10, on how ever many platforms or consoles you want. Add a platform, assign a game, and start creating competitions.


Either link to your own Forum, or use the built-in ezLeague Pro Forum. Create Sections, Topics, and easily manage user's content by editing or deleting posts as an Admin.

Twitter & Match Feed

Display recent tweets from your Twitter account, and list the results of recent competition matches.

20+ Language Translations

To make ezLeague Pro available to people all over the world, we have added translations for 20+ languages, and even more are being added. Easily set your sites language in the Admin Panel for translations to take effect.

Template System

With a little developer know-how, you can create custom ezLeague themes using the built-in template system, and easily apply it to your site in the backend Admin Panel. New functionality can also be introduced within your custom theme.