10 Dec

ezLeague Pro: Admin Facelift Coming for Gaming League Script!

ezLeague Pro: Online Gaming League Script Update It’s been an incredibly exciting last few months for ezLeague Pro the #1 Online Gaming League Script with the recent server upgrades, script updates, Haven theme release and soon to be: Admin Panel Facelift. The Admin Panel has always had a clean design with little to no “flare” to it, but with a few new […]

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26 Sep

ezLeague Pro: v1.4.2 Released!

After a few weeks delay to squeeze in some more features and general code updates, ezLeague Pro v1.4.2 has been released, which is a fairly large update to the #1 Online Gaming League Script. This has been a long awaited update, but it is one that brings updates to both the Backend and Frontend, along with more general code improvements, […]

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03 Sep

ezLeague Pro: “Haven” Theme Preview

ezLeague Pro: New “Haven” Theme Preview A few weeks ago it was announced that ezLeague Pro would be releasing some new themes towards the end of August / beginning of September. With the first theme nearing completion, the time calls to show off some teaser screenshots of what is in store for this new theme. Currently there […]

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17 Aug

New Templates Coming for ezLeague Pro!

Although new features are currently being worked on for the next release of ezLeague Pro, the #1 Online Gaming League Script, providing new templates/themes has been a long time in the making. It is nearing a year, maybe more, since the Online Gaming League Script was released, and although the feature set continues to improve, the […]

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24 May

ezLeague Pro: v1.3.9 Released!

The #1 Online Gaming League Script, ezLeague Pro, has been updated once again with the release of ezLeague Pro v1.3.9. Funny enough, this also includes the v1.3.8 update release. Since these updates were so close together, I decided to wait until v1.3.9 to make any announcement. The most significant part of this version release is the Frontend Spanish Language translation update. A […]

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12 Apr

ezLeague Pro: v1.3.6 Released!

After a few extra weeks of development, ezLeague Pro has released v1.3.6 of the #1 Online Gaming League Script. So what’s new in the v1.3.6 update for the Online Gaming League Script? For one, there has been a lot of code refactoring to allow for registration date time start/end for Leagues, Ladders & Tournaments. Originally, only the end registration […]

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26 Mar

ezLeague Pro: v1.3.5 Released!

It’s been a long time since the last site update, but ezLeague Pro is still alive and well with ezLeague Pro v1.3.5 released for the #1 Online Gaming League script! Many of these features had been completed weeks ago, but a long review and more testing was necessary before release. For those of you wondering…no, I’m not deadl. I […]

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08 Dec

ezLeague Pro: v1.3.0 BETA #1 Released!

After only a few days, we are introducing a beta version of ezLeague Pro v1.3.0, which includes some great updates to the Online Gaming League Script’s tournament bracket styling along with a few tournament functionality updates. The main feature from the ezLeague Pro v1.3.0 release will be the refactored/re-written Ladder Competition System, which is still slated to be released […]

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03 Dec

ezLeague Pro: v1.2.9 Released!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! After falling into a food coma, and now recovering from it, v1.2.9 of the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script is now available for licensed users. To date, this is the biggest update that has been released and offers a little bit of everything: new features, general code improvement updates, and styling changes. Overall, this […]

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23 Nov

ezLeague Pro: v1.2.8 Released!

November is almost over, winter is here with Chicago just having it’s first snowfall of the year, but the ezLeague Online Gaming League Script has now been updated to version 1.2.8! As usual there were some minor bug fixes addressed, along with some general code maintenance/refactoring. The past few weeks a good friend of mine has slowly been coming onboard […]

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